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Hotel Management essays

For the labor-intensive hotel industry, human resources are one of the most important resources of enterprises. In the era of fierce talent competition, if the hotel wants to attract and retain outstanding staff, improve staff satisfaction and loyalty, it must deeply implement the concept of "staff first" to human resources management work. "Only satisfied employees will have satisfied customers". In service work, employees are directly in touch with customers. The attitude and emotion of employees will directly affect the quality of service. If a hotel wants to provide reliable and high quality service to its customers, it must put its employees first and give full consideration to their needs. The high rate of employee turnover has been a headache for China's hotel industry.her2 breast cancer Employee turnover will bring a series of negative effects on Hotel management, such as service quality decline, loss of passengers, replacement and training costs increase. Only by attaching great importance to the needs of employees and putting them in the first place,her2 breast cancer can hotels reduce the turnover rate of employees and enhance their job satisfaction. How should a hotel implement the idea of "employee first" in human resource management? I think it should start with the following aspects: 1. Most hotels take the initiative in recruiting and hiring employees, and obtain job seekers'information through rigorous interviews and employment tests. To judge whether job seekers' skills and knowledge are consistent with job requirements. However, job seekers lack relevant information to judge whether they are satisfied with the job they are applying for and whether they are qualified for it. A large number of studies have shown how to make job seekers fully understand the content of the job they are applying for, their future development in the hotel, and the difficulties they will face.

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