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Zonan online's Hong Kong IpO rose 9 percent today, the biggest gain, up nearly 18 percent.

 Zonan online's Hong Kong IpO rose 9 percent today, the biggest gain, up nearly 18 percent.
 Tencent science and technology news September 28th afternoon, Zhongan Online (06060). HK closed up $5.5 to HK $65.20, 9.21% higher than its offering price of $59.7, and its market value fell to HK $95.8 billion ($81.84 billion).
 Zhongan online was officially launched on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today. China on-line opened at HK $70. 50, the biggest increase at 17. 844.The market value rose to HK $100 billion ($85 billion).
 According to the information disclosed by the HKEx, the latest ownership structure of the HKEx is as follows:
 Nominally, 16.04% of Golden Ant is Zongan Technologies'largest shareholder, while 12.09% of Tencent Computer Systems and ping An Insurance are tied for the second largest shareholder.
 According to media reports, online Zongan Eurapine another big shareholders, it is the legal representative Zongan online and chairman of the company.Shareholders of Zhongan online, such as shenzhen Rixun network technology co., LTD and shenzhen Jiadexin investment co., LTD., co., LTD., is about their shares.According to the online prospectus Zhongan, shenzhen Jiadexin investment co., LTD., co., LTD., with a 11.28% stake, and shenzhen, xing network technology co., LTD holds a 6.53% stake in the company.
 By the end of last year, the company had total assets of 1.332 billion yuan, revenue of 3.366 billion yuan and net profit of 937200 yuan, according to the 2016 report.
 In terms of premium income, premiums in 2014, 2015 and 2016 were 794 million yuan, 2.283 billion yuan and 3.4 billion yuan respectively, a sharp increase from the same period last year.
 In terms of net profit, Zonggan's net profit in 2014 was $36.98 million, rising to $44.26 million in 2015 and falling to $93.77 million in 2016.
 Chen Jin, chief executive of (ZonganInsurance), said Mr Zong's choice to list in Hong Kong was a deliberate one for several reasons: 1. Zong'an County is in a period of rapid development, the company is very optimistic about the prospects of China's insurance technology market, willing to invest more in this market, hope to do more, so need to replenish funds. Gold; 2. Hong Kong is very close to the mainland, and the main market of Zhongan is still in China's domestic market. Listing in Hong Kong is conducive to building a brand in the minds of consumers. Hong Kong is the center of the international capital market, and China and Angola hope to attract more long-term investors by listing in Hong Kong and grow with them.


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