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have the opportunity to make a speech on this stage

Li Hua-sheng: Distinguished predecessors, experts and colleagues,. This will be an important writing in my career. The organizing committee has given me a great topic. It reminds me of a year and a half ago when I was in Beijing for the first time in 50 years since the World Association for International Visitors was founded. I had a deep feeling that after the opening of the door to globalization in China, we spent 20 years learning the management and service technology of foreign hotels. Today, however, our brand is in Investment, in capital,Check out our premium hotels in kowloon hong kong.Hong Kong offers top-class accomodation in Kowloon with easy access to MTR station. Offers various quality rooms at special rates. Make your reservation now! our industry has been very backward, in that annual meeting, the theme is the Oriental Express destination China. Leaders of the world's tourism and hotel industry have been emphasizing with great interest how to win the Chinese market in two days. Enjoy our business center service today to save all the overheads and rent. easyCorp provides your business with virtual office and correspondence address to comply with the company registration law of Hong Kong. By 2020, China will be the world's largest tourist destination and the world's fourth largest tourist destination. Our compatriots spend more than $30 billion overseas. However, we did not earn 10 Fen because we did not have a restaurant outside. The first choice for foreigners to travel to China is the overseas brand hotel, which is a major industry failure, which reminds us of the automobile industry. We traded for a little market at the expense of brands. In this sense, I accepted the interview of the hotel modernization, after the media coverage, caused the attention of colleagues, I am very happy, this forum is still concerned about the theme of the internationalization and localization of Chinese hotels, I am very grateful to the industry experts and media for three days, with great sincerity to pay attention to this market. Development. The question I want to talk about is the underlying issue of this topic, which is the rise of China's local hotel brand, or the rise of the hotel industry behind the things I worry about. I focus on five major issues: first, the trend of brand change in China's local hotels and the trend of China's national hotels; second,asthma trials the issue of local brand strategy and corporate hotel system; third, the standards of Chinese hotels; fourth, the issue of industrial system and talent; and fifth, the perception of loss in China's Hotel industry. .

Publicerat klockan 12:25, den 4 september 2018
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