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want to kill both of us

Xian Xian Xian is really in the immortal class. In important territory, we must cultivate carefully. You said no regrets, I said no regrets, BMW with gold saddle, Ping Ping expensive with Wang Baochuan. Ha ha ha, night Night, true words, I said countless times, filled with the sky, God disliked my teeth grow nauseating.

when you are away, I often miss you. Even in my dream, I love you with your love. Sail across the boat, wash the sun's rays, and bridge the water, join Xu Xianbai's legend. The warm, refreshing, beautiful, all the way scenery, provoke greedily eyed frequent,.

 You're domineering, you're motionless, you're bristling up your eyebrows a couple of times, because I accidentally glanced at someone, wow, kitchen knives, sticks, chasing me, turning around the house, even closing the door, kicking a fan The door took several red red haired grandsons.


go to the city for the scenery, go to the countryside for the pleasure; the noise of the city crushes the season; the countryside is the season engine, catch hands, crazy, seedlings, grass, rice, wheat Rape flowers and flowers are full of beautiful beauty everywhere.


you accompany me, I will accompany you. The song of the soul is the architect of a happy companion; the heart is stationed, the soul is shuttled, and the millennial wait is here. Collision, dilution, and easy to pull.

What is

parasitic? You said, I answered, yes. Then hold her, kiss, from the beginning of the season, to the end of the season, let the desire, fucking coquettish, wet. The sun rises, the moon falls, the flowers, birds, insects and fish. In order to set aside the beautiful scenery of the beautiful time, insert the picture ink and wash ink, if we want to be a painter, depict both of us, love is full.

hoarse voice, still silent, light red eyes, endure the eyes of bitterness. Look at me, you do not say, but lament, but it has already sounded, and then go to sleep, no matter what I am, I am still in my own mind. Leng.

 A night without words, I still sleep with you, love melts, calls to sing magpies, flowers blossom, look back, a river spring, lingering, this life, twists and turns fiercely Strong, dead and alive, deep sleep, no echo intersection. 

Publicerat klockan 13:32, den 7 september 2018
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