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rattan sofa is tough, durable


Firstly, rattan sofa is tough, durable, it can effectively prevent moth-proof, is home environmental protection 

green furniture, the more used the more glossy.

Secondly, rattan sofa shape simple and unadorned, with close to the natural color, to bring people a simple, fresh, 

healthy and environmentally friendly feeling, without too much carving, you can create an elegant and noble 

environment atmosphere.

Third, rattan furniture is a little lighter than wooden furniture, and at the same time, it is more flexible than 

metal furniture. Compared with ordinary sofa, it is more breathable, comfortable and practical, and can be used in 

spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Features of rattan sofa

First, observe the cane, distinguish the quality of the cane. Good quality old vines in terms of hardness and 

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flexibility are better than new vines, followed by careful observation of the evenness of the vines, generally 

uniform thickness, uniform color and better. Then look at the surface of the rattan whether there are spots, 

discoloration, cracks and insect moth marks, generally good elasticity and no broken rattan is better.

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Second, you can grasp the edge of the rattan sofa with both hands, gently shake, feel whether the overall framework 

is solid, and then wipe it on the surface of furniture with the palm of your hand, if it feels smooth then better.

Third, the price of sofas made of general tender vines will be relatively low, because the sofas made of tender 

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vines have poor toughness, and the surface of vines is easy to wrinkle and break, so it is recommended to buy vine 

sofas made of old vines.

Fourth, choose rattan sofa, but also carefully observe whether the sofa weaving uniformity, interface is properly 

handled, and paint

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