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Kai Tak welcomes two millionth cruise passenger

Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, operated by All over the world Cruise Terminals (WCT), celebrated the arrival of its two millionth cruise ship passenger, Ms Mu from Taiwan, through Environment Dream’s turnaround get in touch with.

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The occasion transpired to the eve of Hong Kong’s mid-autumn pageant.

Ms. Mu arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday early morning on completion of her fly-cruise holiday getaway on World Desire, in addition to her daughter and grandson.

Jeff Bent, handling director of WCT mentioned, ‘We are delighted to celebrate this milestone. It had been only 15 months in the past that we welcomed our just one millionth cruise passenger; the arrival of our two millionth cruise passenger today is more validation of your Kai Tak Cruise Terminal’s good results due to the fact its inception in 2013.’

LEUNG Chung fan

Hong Kong is ranked 4th while using the quantity of cruise calls in Asia this year.

In 2017 the passenger throughput of Kai Tak Cruise Terminal doubled to 780,000.

It truly is projected the range of phone calls and cruise passenger throughput in Hong Kong will range from 181 to 258 and from 564,102 to 1,041,031 respectively by 2023.


Hong Kong cruise ports serve 1.7m passengers in 2017

Kai Tak welcomes two millionth cruise passenger

Hong Kong cruise ports serve one.7m travellers in 2017

Hong Kong cruise ports serve 1.7m travellers in 2017

Hong Kong cruise ports provide one.7m travellers in 2017

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